An article on the topic ‘Psychological effects of Fat-shaming’

According to National family health survey India-3 (NFHS-3), thirteen percent of women (15-49 Years) and nine percent of men (15-49 Years) were overweight or obese in 2005-06. Overweight prevalence was higher in urban areas than in rural areas. Why do you think it is happening?

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Magnet Driver™ Space Rocket: A Huge Upgrade For Tiny Screws

Innovation is happening around us all. Every day, there are a million new things invented and we have industries specific for creating all-purpose machinery.

While tools for fixing electronic goods and handy pieces of household machinery was reserved to the electronics guy, today we can have a box set at home.

In this compact world, where electronic goods and handy pieces of machinery are competing against each other to diminish their size, flexibly-operable screwdrivers are in high demand; managing and preserving these tiny screws is a real challenge for many. 

Introducing Magnet Driver Space Rocket; this all-in-one precision screwdriver and toolkit aid is a must for repairing a wide range of items like mobile phones, laptops, cameras, watches, glasses, tablets, notepads and other toys which have an intricate design, fitted with tiny screws. 

The second aspect of this product’s name is space rocket accents. Honoring the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing, echoing the Saturn V spaceship, the innovators have named their product after this milestone achievement. Each toolkit piece consists of various mentions of the special victory of mankind and the details fo the moon, place and the date of landing are engraved and interwound. Anyone with a liking for astronomy will be thrilled to have this as part of their special collection of the mechanical toolkit. 

The Intricacies: 

These hardware products are pretty flexible and extendable to four different heights i.e., 8 inches, 7 inches, 6 inches, and 5 inches, with two-extra shot direct positions for a total of six different working distances. This allows the user to reach specific places single-handedly. Space Rocket driver is made from 6061 aluminum CR-V; it is light-weight, yet extremely durable and can be used for multiple projects, for a long time. 

Magnet Driver Mini:

This magnetic screwdriver easily helps install, replace and tighten screws single-handedly. It is indeed an art and takes some practice to fix a screw and can be a challenge for those working regularly on hardware. The Magnet Driver Mini grips and holds the screw in place, making fastening a much easier work in all aspects. Your other hand can relax while during the process. 

Totally, there are five Magnet Minis in two different colors, signifying different sizes that work with 1-1/8th precision bits or standard – 1-3/4th precision bits. 

Inside the box you get:-

Magnet Driver Bits

Magnet Driver Organiser Mat

Magnet Driver Carrying Case

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TOLIYA: New invention for fitness enthusiasts

In this active world, we often outsource services.

Services like travel, food and fitness structuring are rampant in the servicing industry. How can we achieve more with fewer efforts going in is a common efficiency lookout these days? Food gets delivered at home, laundry is taken care of by service providers; even banks send executives to get credit card transactions.

Innovation is the new norm. Newer devices are being created right now that has multi-purpose usage.

In the fitness world, with more and more people quitting the gym and opting for outdoorsy activities like camping, trekking and, the likes, what if we have a multi-purpose fabric?

TOLIYA TOWEL: Upgrading Your Bath, Sports & Travel Essential

Our fast-paced life craves certain arbitrary adjustments and this calls for multi-tasking products. Millennials are more active these days and always crave for some innovative accessories that will enrich their day-to-day lives. One such product we have that we use day-in-day-out is Toliya meaning towel in Hindi originated from India. 

In a regular household, there are various types of towel items ranging from large, life-sized bath towels, small wash rags and handy towels for wash-basin, etc. One challenge we all face is the regular cleaning of these towels and for them to be clean and in proper hygienic condition. Another challenge would be its storage and ability to fit in smaller places. 


How wonderful would it be, if we have a product that will fulfill all these requirements, have flexible usage features that would help everyone irrespective of their lifestyles? 

For a person interested in outdoor activities like camping, traveling and trekking, Toliya will come in handy as a product that absorbs water quickly, requires very limited space while packing and dries off easily. Also, for a light packer who prefers to keep limited items in his backup, a must-carry regular towel wouldn’t be practical to carry around if it consumes most of the bag’s space. Toliya takes 1/5th of the space consumed by a regular towel and is space-efficient. While camping and swimming or cycling and running, the need for the towels to dry quickly is of utmost importance, keeping in mind the hygienic conditions in which it is dried. 

Toliya towel serves both purposes and is made of 100% Natural cotton with no harmful dyes. This is a towel created by master weavers that gets softer after every wash. Not just for outdoors, but for indoor activities as well, like gym, yoga or a normal household, this innovative towel is an all-purpose necessity and an important part of active life. The Large size towel is sized at 60″/30″ i.e., 150 cm/75cm, lightweight(approximately 300gms) and can slip into any bag easily. 

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