Couple’s Yoga

Morning sunrise woke me from my deep slumber. A few stray sun rays sneaked through the curtains and fell over my face warming me slowly in an attempt to cook me as I lay rolled up in my blanket as a shawarma. As I open my eyes, I see another face; eyes closed, my husband was still in deep sleep. I snuggle and steal a few more moments of bliss trying to remember the long lost dream I had.

I couldn’t stay in long and rise from the bed, dragging my feet and getting into morning business. It is 7:10 am now and I pack some food for lunch. I don’t want to go out for jog today. It is very sunny for my taste, not to mention the lateness of the hour.

Then, what do we do? We got to drive the sleep from the eyes.

We don’t have tea or coffee for that.

I lay one yoga mat in the living room while the other inmate of the house is still dragging his feet, brushing his teeth!

I call him and ask – “Hey, come join me for yoga!”

His eyes lit up. After wiping water off his face, he joins me in the living room and lays another mat parallel to mine. We are facing the open balcony with its wide open door, letting in fresh air and yellow sunlight which is now falling on our faces.

Before getting into the trance or yoga, I ask him to play music. The whole tune is set for 30 minutes.

He got his phone, connects it to the DVD player and after a few seconds, small beats of tabala starts playing through the speakers and with that note we fold our palms in a Namaste, rise above our head and bend forwards, touching the toes.

Standing side by side, we continue Suryanamaskara for another 15 minutes; facing the morning sun, praying, breathing deep, inhaling and exhaling.

Now the music is on another level; higher notes; flute and tabala music dancing alongside each other.

With the flute beats in the background, we now sit cross-legged facing each other;

Our rhythm matches, we quicken the pace; our feet pressed between the palms, pressing against the floor covered mat. Another 5 sets of Suryanamaskara and we are breathing through our teeth.

After completing we look at each other smile. It is the sense of completion, complimenting each other.

The next set of exercise is stretching.

We now sit on the floor, facing each other as our legs stretch on either side of us, with 2 feet distance between us, we bend forwards, holding the toes for support. We hold that pose for a few seconds and retract back to the normal posture.

We sit cross legged, facing each other; he takes my left palm with his right and right palm with his left hand. We hold each other’s wrists and close the fingers around it. We inhale slowly, matching each other’s pace, hold in for a few moments and then exhale slowly. Eyes closed, we are matching the music, now flowing in a serene rhythm.

He brings both my palms together in the center and closes his palms around mine; pressing the fingers slowly, drawing circular motions with his thumb.

I become aware of fingers on the back of my hand and follow the pattern.

As my mind is empty with only the music running in the background, I focus my attention to my palms.

Nothing else exists. It is just him and me; the music; our palms. There is a connection there.

An energy flowing through each of us and transferring to the other.

I slowly retrieve my now warm hands and hold both of his in the center and close mine around them. I simply hold his hands; no movements.

Music now is slowing down.

After a few more moments, as the music comes to an end with the flute stopping completely and the just 2-3 strokes of tabala, I release his hands and open my eyes to see a beautiful smile spread across his serene, happy face.

“Good Morning”

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