Game Of Thrones: S0806

“Duty is the death of Love”

As excited as my Mondays get, I woke up to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones that started back in 2011, as the sun started to shed it’s light through my windows. After today, Monday mornings will never be the same. If you have not watched the episode yet, then I must let you turn back and read further only if you want to know how it ends. This article contains spoilers and they are pretty disturbing.

Daenerys Targaryen after sacking King’s Landing

The show is on; it is titled “The Iron Throne” and it picked up right where it was left last week; the city of King’s Landing turned to ashes by Queen Daenerys Stormborn, riding over her dragon and being true to her heritage of Targaryens. Amidst the celebrating Dothraki and the unsullied army, we see Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark gauzing the destruction that was left in the wake of the Mad Queen. While Tyrion mourns over the death of his siblings in Maegor’s Holdfast, strangled under the deluge of the Red Keep, Arya walks over to Jon Snow and gives him counsel as a representative of Stark family. Tyrion finally gathers courage and takes a stand against his Queen and is immediately imprisoned for treason.

Jon Snow is the only one who can handle his Mad Queen. He is counseled by Tyrion who has best of the interests for the realm, Arya speaking for the North and also Sansa, the unsullied headed by Grey Worm who is loyal to the Mother of Dragons and yet Jon needs to know in his heart that his Queen, the woman he loves, to whom he has bent his knee has some humanity left in her or not.

Jon Snow after sentenced to the Noght’s Watch

Daenerys’s vision in the House of the Undying has come true and we see her walking towards the Iron Throne and she is euphoric as her childhood fantasy is about to come true. Taking over Westeros and protecting the realm, freeing the people from a tyrant and breaking the wheel has been her destiny. An intense conversation between Jon and Dany showcases the two versions of protecting the realm and freeing the people; while Dany wants to create a new world with good, her version of freeing means liberating people of their lives and Jon has always been the one to do the right thing, finally sees the truth behind her megalomaniac ideology, which has always been destructive.

“Duty is the death of love” quotes Jon remembering Maestor Aemon and prioritizes his duty, sacrificing his love, as a true Stark.

Jon kisses her one last time and drives a knife through her heart, thus bringing an end to her tyranny and freeing the world of Targaryens. A distraught cry from Drogon makes us realize that he was her only ally all this while. Drogon, in a fit of agony, burns the Iron Throne, made of more than 1000 swords, melted so easily symbolizing the end of tyrant rule in Westeros. A beautiful moment between Mother and child is caught when Drogon tries to wake his dead mother but accepts her demise, gently carries her in his talons and flies off, probably to Valyria.

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